one year ago, this entry in my journal was the impetus behind these works and their evoloution

about a year ago I began making these accumulated line drawings—
what began as a ritualized, private, rule-based drawings, rooted in ideas surrounding our conception of and relationship to our memory, has expanded to incorporate related issues of temporality and permanence, strength and fragility, fullness and emptiness, presence and absence and the intersection of private and public. 

Using only repeated lines (that never intersect or overlap), these works evolved as a way to engage both my propensity towards repetitive, obsessive mark making and my desire to give up a degree of control while focusing on the ritualized ACT of drawing. The repetition and accumulation of line is employed as a means connecting to both the passage of time and the processes of memory formation. The fabric-like structures that emerge mirror the way a series of minutes or seconds coalesce in our minds into one unified ‘moment’ or memory. 

As this series progresses the work is moving away from the small sheets of paper where it began, occupying envelopes sent around the world to people I’ve never met,  created over several awkward hours
 on the walls of public bathrooms, insinuated in place of signs and billboards, rendered on the walls of temporary structures inserted in public spaces and most recently projected on buildings. 

I am excited by the new directions the work is taking and I am grateful for all of your interest and attention over the last year—