Eduardo Chillida
plans and renderings for Mount Tindaya

Amidst controversy, and at a cost exceeding $25 million Euros, work continues on the Mount Tindaya project—
The sculpture consists of a huge* cubic void with two vertical light wells to be excavated from the inside a revered Canary Island mountain.

Chillida’s original idea was for visitors to experience the immensity of the space. "The sculpture has been conceived as a monument to tolerance and a work of art for the Canary people,” Chillida wrote before his death in 2002. “I do not want it to be a cause of division or a stone to be thrown in political battles which I do not understand and have no desire to get involved in.”

* — each side of the cube will measure 131 feet with the roof of the cave reaching as high as that of the Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern