I thought I’d take a quick moment to say hi and tell you/show you a bit about me (mainly for those of you who are newer visitors/followers)

My name is Kevin—
I’m an Artist/Educator (geek, husband and dad too) living and working in Boston. That’s me up in the top two images (both are self portraits from ballpoint pen drawing workshops) and the rest of the images are some examples of what I’ve been working on recently.
I post in three places on tumblr, this blog (7knotwind) is my primary blog where I post everything- these pages reflect whatever I’m interested in, thinking about, inspired by and working on.
I also maintain a process blog: wrk-kevintownsend that documents what I’m working on in the studio (good, bad and everything in between).
Recently I started a 3rd tumblr for a new series of daily drawings that I’m working called Circadian-line.

I’m always interested in hearing what you have to say and try to reply to any legitimate message (usually privately)

an extra special thanks to those of you who’ve been around for a while, I am incredibly appreciative of your continued kindness, comments and attention.

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